Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Crystal Countdown

Several years ago, in frustration over the seemingly watered-down and white-washed Witchcraft-related books, I was extremely close to throwing up my hands in desperation; I was ready to reject the concept of Witchcraft and the efficacy of Magick because the books I was reading at that time were simply leaving off with, "You have to believe in magick for it to work" without bothering to give my far more rational left-brain a reason "to believe"!  It was then that I handed over my destiny to the Old Gods in piety with a silent prayer.  That prayer was answered, I believe, by a book that came to me authored by one Laurie Cabot - her truly game-changing text, Power of the Witch.  The analytically side of my brain was starving; and it was Laurie's text that supplied the vital nourishment.  For those that have not read it, I consider it an obligatory text - her chapters on "The Science of Witchcraft" and the "Alpha" state of consciousness are worth the cost of the book alone.  It is far from your standard "Wicca 101" book!

Below is the chief exercise in the book - The Crystal Countdown- which lowers our brain-waves into the alpha-state of consciousness; and, it is from this state where all psychic, clairvoyant, and Magickal works are begun.  Perform this meditation every day for one month to train your brain to enter into this level of consciousness with a simple trigger - a physical gesture that can be performed when necessary.

Unfortunately, as much as I adore this book, there are others who simply have no patience for it, often (in my experience) for rather petty reasons.  Both instances were offensively juvenile - some refuse to pick up Laurie's remarkable book merely because they do not condone her personal style of dress (never mind the fact that Laurie has made a private vow to her Goddess to dress as she believes is a Witch's "traditional style of dress"; and the other was a very curt British High Priestess who owns a seemingly popular occult store (a Priestess with a habit of stealing other Witches' formulas that she then proceeds to sell from her store!) who has refused, on Principal, to teach her students using any methods that they might benefit from, such as a discussion of Quantum Mechanics should they require such an analytically approach as I once did...she refuses even to suggest such an alternative view to her students out of sheer pettiness!

Nota Bene: There are several minutes of complete audio silence in order to allow you to perform any psychic work or Magickal activity before Laurie, once again, begins to count you up out of the Alpha state shortly after the 10 minute mark.

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